Transglobe 40 yrs on

On 2nd September 2019 The Transglobe Expedition celebrated their 40th anniversary. Members of the team which circumnavigated the globe through the Polar axis came together from all over the world at the Royal Geographical Society and enjoyed an evening of recollections and jollity. There was an exhibition of equipment and photographs taken of the expedition, and the bust of Ran had a commanding position at the entrance to the RGS. In these pictures we have some photos from the expedition and the book To The Ends of the Earth which was written about their adventures. We also have Ran seeing the finished bronze of himself for the first time as we set up the exhibition. Posing next to it during the evening, we have Oliver Shepherd, who did the South Pole with Ran and Charlie, and my old boss, John Blashford-Snell.

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