£355 for TUSK

Prudential Ride London 46 & Dan Bucknell was there to greet the cyclists with a cool cider – perfect!



About Tusk

Tusk is a dynamic and pioneering organisation with 25 years of experience initiating and funding conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa.

Since its formation in 1990, Tusk has invested more than £25 ($40) million into a wide range of projects across the continent. The charity has earned a reputation for being financially efficient, with an average of 80% of the net funds raised reaching the field.

For more information have a look at Tusk’s website: www.tusk.org

imageMelanie lived in Zambia in the late 1980s.   She fell in love with the landscape, the wildlife, and the wonderful people.
Inspired by the way in which everything in Africa is recycled into ingenious creations, Melanie is recycling scraps of clay into elephants – all lovingly crafted with individual character.


These elephants are image offered for sale either directly from Melanie or from exhibitions around the country.

Any profit Melanie makes on them goes to TUSK.  In the first year, £560 was sent to TUSK.




For further information about TUSK please go to http://www.tusk.org

Elephant Gallery


In this series, each elephant weights roughly 3-400g, and measures roughly 10cm tall by 14 cm long.  They are all individuals so weights and measurements are not precisely uniform.

Each is numbered and signed by Melanie – a veritable Collector’s Item!

They come in a variety of colours – see examples below.  Please contact Melanie if you have a special request – elephants can be made to order, but you have to count on three weeks lead in time to allow for drying and firing.